Sunday, July 24, 2005

What Does It Take To Keep This Nonsense From Continuing

Okay, okay, I know, this is flat out going to piss some people off, but if you stood where I stand every single day and see what I see each and everyday I'm at work, you'd understand my position and my opinion and why I'm taking up space on the web to pitch my bitch here.

I consider myself and good and considerate driver and other than my occasional trips above the speed limit by a few miles per hour, I basically obey the traffic laws for the most part. This is probably one of the reasons the following rant gets me going like it does.

The problem?


Everyday I'm at work I see this illegal nonsense go on, over and over, all day long. It wouldn't be such a bad thing, but face it folks, where I work the street is narrow, angle parking on one side of the street and parallel parking on the other, with not quite a lane and a half of right away for two way traffic to maneuver thru. All day long, regardless of the amount of traffic on this narrow street and regardless of how narrow the street has become because of cars parked on both sides, I see u-turns made regardless of the safeness of them being done all day long.

Drivers in Rushville have got to be some of the rudest drivers anywhere in the realm of central Indiana, and this foolish practice only adds to the danger of doing this stupid and ignorant practice. Near-collisions are a daily occurence, and to make matters worse, no one, including most of the local law enforcement even cares!

Now I know for a fact that I don't see every single occurence of this reckless act, but, I do see a lot of it, and I'd dare say I personally see at least a dozen to a dozen and a half incidents per day. I've seen children nearly run down by idiotic drivers who are simply too damned lazy to drive around the block, turn around, and park without the needless act of making a reckless u-turn. I've seen old people nearly run down. I've seen senior citizens who have enough trouble walking with the aid of a cane nearly plowed under the wheels of massive four wheel drives.

The thing that bothers me the most? No one seems to give a shit that it's going on.

I've contacted the mayor's office; he's never returned my calls.

I've contacted a former mayor who promised to check into the problem; nothing has ever been brought to my attention that anything has been addressed about this problem.

I've talked to 2 current city councilmen who assured my they would address the matter; Nothing has ever been done to stop this from becoming a deadly situation, which it most certainly will one day.

Face it, it's an illegal practice! It combines two illegal practices: Driving left of center and reckless driving. I see names of people arrested for these two legal infractions in the newspaper each and every week, yet idiotic drivers do it each and everyday in front of my place of employment countless times a day, yet you never read of anyone being arrested for it.

Is it going to take the death or serious injury of someone, most likely a young child or a senior citizen before someone finally takes the bull by the horns and starts enforcing a law that is already on the books!!! Give me a break, folks! It shouldn't take something like this to get something done.

I had one intelligent soul come into work one day and complain to me that a young policeman had stopped her at 5:30 in the morning and warn her that what she was doing was illegal and she could be arrested for it. Not only did she have the audacity to argue with same said officer of the law, but she continues to do this same illegal practice each and everyday she comes to do business with me. This same woman claims to be a good God-fearing Christian woman! Apparently she believes her God thinks it okay that she drive like a freaking idiot!!!

If anyone who reads this is guilty of what I've written here and this pisses you off, GOOD!!! You deserve nothing better than being arrested for each and every damned u-turn you've ever made in this area in question. I sincerely hope the time comes when you do indeed get ticketed and have to pay one hell of a fine. Trust me, if it keeps someone from being seriously injured or worse, it was worth every damned dime you had to pay for your fine.

I seriously hope someone, somewhere gets the message and something can finally be done.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

ah, technology

Again, another strike against me posting has occurred.

My computer has browser problems which has kept me off the net for the past three weeks. I'm on a borrowed computer as I type this, knowing that I can't be on here long enough to make a regular posting. Hopefully the beginning of next week, this can be rectified, as I take my computer in to be checked out and more importantly cured of its present possession by "spyware."

More blogs are coming, I assure you.

Thanks for continuing to check back and for bearing with me thru yet another crisis of modern technology.

In the words of the California gov:

I'll be back!