Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Song Of Yolanda

My wonderful friend Autumn, aka Mea, and I have collaborated on our second poem together, and I hope you enjoy our effort posted here. At first, I thought there would be more added to this one, but after having reviewed it I have decided that is indeed a complete work as presented here. We both hope you enjoy this joint effort on our part. Our first poem together is posted on Autumn's site, Two Little Blue Horizons, if you care to check it out. We're hoping to continue this venture of ours together and hope that our faithful few enjoy reading these as much as we do working on them together.
And, if you haven't read any of Autumn's poetry on her blogsite, you need to. This gal kicks it, folks!
Hope you enjoy The Song Of Yolanda!

Light fell upon her eyes
Revealing her truths to all who looked her way.
A boorish looking woman, until second glance
And her eyes beckoned to anyone around
And made clear her life had been so very strained.

Her eyes told of many losses
In her life, and they spoke of the pain she had endured.
Wrinkles spread out from around her eyes
Showing the strain of her years, though the years numbered
Many less than one would at first guess her to be.
Her eyes took one on a ride into the depths of her very being
The trip was not one for the faint of heart
for it was filled with many unfortunate tales wrought with pain.
Her appearance was that of a well to do nature,
Yet she carried herself with the poorness of a lowly maid.
So many tales seemed to be bursting at the seams, yet she stayed quiet.
She had told her story many a time before only to have it brushed off as nothing.
Her hands showed signs of labour,tanned up to the wrist from the sun.
Small and fragile seemed her fingers
Yet they were filled with scars.
You could see traces of dirt lodged around where one would have a fingernail,
All delicate and pretty with paint.
Hers have been chewed upon past all recognizable distinction.
So many stories screamed from her utter being.
So much sadness just sitting and waiting to have its day.
On this regular morning as the sun peeked over her shadow ever still,
Just as the birds were giving up on the drying once worm filled dew covered ground.
As ones were busy rushing about their lives with no intent or knowledge of even her presence there
It was then,
Then that the light could hold her pain no more
And it was let out.

As legends go, on this day her story became one of the epics,
The growing mountain of pain
Surpassed even her limit of tolerance
And boiled within her, the steam of her agony seeking release,
Ever searching for a way out,
Moreover, an

No drug could have helped quiet her tongue, for her
Song of longing ached to be sung,
Loudly, and with the fiery spirit that was always
Stifled inside her.
This day among days, this day in her life
That would forever be set aside from all others
Would be the day that the voice within her
Finally sprung forth and sang
The song of Yolanda.

Yet it wasn't just the song of her pain
And suffering that would be born this day,
But the years of such a downtrodden life would finally reach their limit,
And as her song was being sung,
The build up of all those years of stifled emotions
Burst forth from her as well,
And the sheer violence of that day would become legendary and never
Forgotten by those who knew her
Or would later remember that they had known her,
And all would remember her name:

lest we forget

If one has forgotten something, and realizes they have forgotten something, have they really forgotten anything at all?

Paranoia #35

Confusion abounds,
Questions unanswered,
Work incomplete.
Emotions drown,
Worry spreads like cancer,
Life mired down in defeat.

A knock at the door,
Answers at my fingers.
Yet the door remains closed.
Standing solid on the floor
The knocking soul yet lingers
Yet I somehow feel like I've been hosed.

Still seeking answers, yet finding few
Moving ahead, small steps I'm taking
Looking over my shoulder, partly in fear
Wondering why I haven't heard from you
Of what now are you partaking
And just why the hell aren't you here.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life Preserver

Sometimes I wish someone would throw me
A rope,
Because I feel like I'm out here,
Swimming all alone.

And I'm drowning....


If time is marching on, why on Earth
Are so many out of step?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scoping Out 2007

Okay, here we go. Another new year lies ahead, and although it would be grand to see it be a marvelous year with many positive changes and improvements, I would say the actual likelihood of that happening has two chances: slim and none.

I'm not a pessimist, but I do intend to be a realist, and my realism tends to make me appear to be pessimistic. Just for the hell of it, let's take a few items of interest and I'll give my synopsis of how I think 2007 will prevail with each of them.

The big one, of course, is the US involvement in Iraq. Those who know the pacifist side of me know I don't support our country's decision in being there. No, I'm not unpatriotic, because I do indeed support our troups who are over there against no choice of their own. However, I don't support the true reason of our war effort which has never been told in honesty to this nation of ours. I see too many deaths occuring on both sides and can't see the merit for the loss. Let's face it, this war is not about terrorism but about oil and the control of the oil supply in this nation. Okay, we got Hussein, we tried him and we executed him. But did we get the so called weapons of mass destruction? No, and the plain and simple reason we didn't is because they simply didn't exist. So, no WMD's, a new government has been installed, So-damned-insane has been executed, and we're still there? Okay, but if we've acheived these things our president said needed to be done, why are we still there? Final answer: OIL. Anyone familiar with George W Bush knows his family is rich in the oil business and that should leave the answer about or involvement in Iraq crystal clear. We'll be there as long as George W is in office, and not even a Democratic controlled Congress will be able to get around that. So no, the US will not be pulling out of Iraq in 2007.

US oil prices. Answer: Read the above over again, ok? Oil prices in this nation will either remain constant or rise sharply during this year. Face it, Georgie boy is making a mint with his investments, and with oil companies making record profits do you really think anything will be done by the Bush Administration to get prices back down to where they actually should be?

Osama Bin-Laden. Do I believe he will be captured in 2oo7? I wish I could sit here and give you a plethora of hope for this happening, but after all, it's been over five years since the September 11th attacks, and if there had been any hope of catching him, I'm sure it would have been within months of the attacks. Bin-Laden is a crafty and patient son of a bitch, folks. I mean, look how long he planned and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks after car bombing the World Trade Center. This is a man, demonic possessed that he is, that has the patience of Job. He has the monetary means to pretty much do whatever he wants and he has just enough of that Charlie Manson mystique about him that he has a whole horde of Islamic cultists who truly believe in him and his cause. Manson bullshitted his family, Bin-Laden has his extremists bullshitted as well, and they are financially able to keep him hidden and do his bidding. No, Bin-Laden will not be captured and brought to justice is 2007, but I would love it if another Al-Qaeda extremist assassinated his ass and then had the gun pulled on him at the same time.

Will terrorist attacks continue in 2007? Sadly, yes, they will, no doubt. Greed is an interesting sin, and as long as it continues to spread at its present rate, yes, terrorism will continue to be a global threat. Will our nation be hit with another attack in 2oo7? I can only answer with another question: What ever happened to those who pulled of the antrax attacks back in 2001? You decide if terrorist attacks are indeed possible here in 2007.

I guess that's enough of this. I would love to be able to sit here and write wonderful things and spread good news to us all, unfortunately, as I stated previously, I'm a realist, and as a realist, I can only tell you how I feel based on current events, and that outlook, indeed, is not optimistic.

How much I would love to be proven wrong, folks!

I can only hope I will be.


AM Discovery

I awoke this morning to only find

Monday, January 01, 2007


The untrainable item in our lives,
The one we can't hold onto,
Or simply possess enough of.
Time is there for us all,
Yet it laughs,
It mocks,
And it holds itself just out of our reach,
So calculating,
So cunning,
So controlling,
Ever out of our reach.