Sunday, February 24, 2008


Shun the feelings, however good or bad,
Kick the dirt off
Your muddy boots
And begin the new journey
Of a thousand new suns
And thousands of new miles
And add distance between the pains
Of yesterday
Moving towards
The uncertainties
Of tomorrow,
With no regrets
And no looks behind me.

A Good Buy?

the goodbyes we hear
the goodbyes we speak
are the same goodbyes
that keep us alive
and ever-searching

Friday, February 15, 2008

Brief Hiatus

As is the usual custom this time of year I will be offline for a few days for some annual R and R. After getting thru another Christmas season and half of tax season it's past time for me to get out of the daily grind for a week or so and give the mind and body a much needed rest. Hopefully within the next week to ten days I should be back with more writing to try and keep my Faithful Few interested in coming back here time and time again.

I thank you for your continued support and look forward to adding more in the not too distant future. Until my return, as always, I wish you


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Words and praise
I don't deserve
Expectations I cannot live up to
The same words that make one smile
Can also make them feel so
And so small
I don't deserve the accolades
I don't deserve credit
For only seeing
What others failed to see.
I am, after all,
Only me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

wayward vision

moving blindly ahead
i see nothing.

looking back with sight
i see more of nothing.

the road ahead

what lies ahead
is one of the mysteries
that enables me to move
ever forward


shake the tree of woe
i'm strapped to
and watch what falls from it.

Movement 694

I feel the stinging goodbye
And shake my head
To clear the velocity
Of the emotional impact
I'm left with.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Trying To Decide, Postscript

After Sunday night's Super Bowl I think justice was served and the whole world got to see the phony dynasty crumble. Nothing was more evident of this than when the Patriot coach walked off the field showing he was nothing more than a sore loser. Personal opinion of mine is that New England should have never been allowed to be in the championship game after being found guilty of the cheating escapade earlier this year.

Congrats to a class act Eli Manning and the New York Giants, 2008 World Champions.

You made a nation smile last night.

Not Readily Available

sometimes answers stay hidden
from us,
leaving us to search on our own
and hope we find the solution
that up until now
has remained out of sight,
out of mind,
and out of
still, we seek...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Swimming For An Eternity

Almost a decade has passed
Since I stood amongst an auburn forest
And nearly drowned in one of two green
Pools that robbed me of my breath
And pulled me under the shimmering
And now, almost a decade later,
I find myself once again
Dreaming of that forest and those pools
And wondering this time
If I could tread the water
Or once again nearly drown.

Trying To Decide

An item I've been pondering for days now:

If New England ends up winning the Super Bowl, will they go down in history as the first team to ever cheat their way to a perfect season?


Bolt of lightning crashing down,
Igniting a fire
In the nether regions
And demanding a release
Of damning need
Of wanton desire.
Visions arise out of the ashes
Of memories long
Awakening that part of me
I let lay to rest years past.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


i will be
who i am to be
why i am to be
where i am to be
and when i am to be
all things
out of my control

Asylum Symphony

The orchestra takes the private stage
Set up in the deepest recesses of my mind.
The conductor waves his wand,
The private music begins to play
No one hearing it but me,
No one responding but me.
Alone I stand,
Alone I listen,
A symphony playing,
Music written for only my ears
And my mind to hear,
No one else invited,
No one else in attendance,
No one to applaud
No one to appreciate and enjoy
So hard to understand
Why I can't share this music,
So hard to comprehend no one
Hears this but me.
Tired of standing alone,
Tired of the million wishes
I carry in my heart,
Tired of the life I lead
And can't escape from.

Encore, I cry,
And the music plays on for only