Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Hateful Silence

You tell me you hate the silence
And then I ask you why
Yet you never take the time
To give me a reply.
While I don't dig it either
Sometimes it seems best to do
Some quiet time, some cooling off
So my words don't cause hurt to you.
You tell me you hate the silence
And then you go and abscond
I await your answer as I always do
And then, YOU don't respond.

I guess silence is indeed golden.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In Sickness, In Health, Good Times and Bad, Sometimes Things Just Go Sucky

This wonderful bug that is passing thru our nation right now at an unbelievable and nearly epidemic pace has taken its toll on yours truly.

Quite badly, indeed.

My wife and I took a much needed vacation two weeks ago and made an escape from reality to celebrate our 30th anniversary(yes, I know, she does indeed deserve a medal for putting up with me all those years) and then last week I had arranged a week off from work, beginning on my birthday, to take care of her after her undergoing shoulder repair surgery last Tuesday. I felt it was the least I could do having had similar surgery 8 years ago and knowing full well what she was in for in the department of not only pain but of the limitations having only one useful limb can have.

The day before her surgery, I began feeling a creepy feeling coming over me, sniffles, cough, etc. The day of surgery, I put on the best front I could and acted my way, an Oscar winning perfomance, no less, and acted as if all was well. She came thru surgery with flying colors, was released from the hospital, and I got her home and fixed us supper that first evening.

I was really feeling subpar by this time.

The following day I did all the things I was supposed to do, fixing meals, cleaning house, doing dishes, etc. As the day wore on, I began to wear down. By evening, I was full blown sick but trying my best not to show it.

The following morning, her first therapy appointment at hand, and my fever had reached just shy of 104 degrees. Needless to say, I didn't get to take her to therapy, make a meal, or anything else, either.

After two days of taking care of someone who has cared so much for me over the years and gone way above and beyond the call of duty, I had to rely on the efforts of family and friends, as I could do nothing more than take trips to the bathroom. I slept nearly all the way around the clock for the next few days.

I discovered my family doctor was out of the country, adding insult to injury, and finally, after being nearly nagged to death, I went to a walk in clinic at the local hospital last night and received my diagnois of severe respiratory viral infection plus a round of antibiotics to take as well as some killer cough medicine with codeine.

At my insistence, I asked the doc if I could please get back to work as soon as possible. He gave me the go ahead to return to work this Thursday, warning me that I was still probably a week away from feeling like my old self and also warned me that this particular virus is hard to shake. Trust me, I believe him.

Anyway, my intentions to be a good guy were once again thwarted by cirumstances out of my control. Such is the cruelness of life, sometimes.

For those of you who have had to deal with this virus, I can identify and sympathize. For those of you who will be getting it, I don't envy you, I can only warn you to get to the doc as soon as you feel the first signs coming on, it's a nasty booger, for sure.

There will also be those of you who manage to miss it entirely, and for those of you, I admire you and am happy for you because you've no idea just how lucky you are.

And with that having been written, it's back to the blanket, the handkerchief and the big mug of water I keep putting into my body.

Come on, spring!