Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Arrival Of Autumn

My child, my child,
Depart and be
Let go of what you never held onto
Aim higher
Desire more
And reap the rewards of your venture.
You cannot lose
What you never had
You can't create love
In a vacuum
Where love does not reside.
Break the chains that bind you
Escape the torment you allow yourself
To endure.
Set your sights upon higher ground
And attain the greater rewards
That await you after your climb
Out of the pit of living hell
You've allowed yourself to become
A prisoner to.
A rainbow awaits you
After this storm passes
And leaves you the promise
Of better days ahead.
Free your heart
Free your mind
And allow yourself to
It's all in your hands,
It's all in your power,
You only need to be bold
And take the first step.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Arthur Is No Friend To Me

Ink blotter, eggs splatter,
Fire ring,
Football bladder.
Accosting the acoustic,
Still wanting the electric,
But settling for whatever
Falls into these hands of mine.

Richter scale,
Humpback whale,
Fingers no longer gripping,
Faith in my music slipping.
Can't move my fingers to chord,
So pissed as these hands of mine.

Weather radar,
The urge to play just one last time,
My hands won't listen, lost without reason.

Tomorrow things will worsen.