Monday, September 30, 2013

Truly Soulmates

I was fortunate enough this past weekend to get to go on a weekend camping trip to Brown County State Park with my brother in law and a friend of his from where he works. We had a great time, some guy time and some bonding time, which is good for the soul, but it was also a time for me to truly appreciate how fortunate I am in my life to have found my soulmate all those many years ago and to have been blessed to have been married to her for almost 36 years and to have spent close to 38 years of my life with her.

I'm very blessed to have a brother in law with whom I share so much in common and I'm also glad he and I can do things together and remain close friends as well as brothers in law.

As much fun as we had, however, did not take away from me the yearning to be back home with my wife, because I truly missed her beyond any words I have to describe the incompleteness I felt without her by my side. Even linked by our cellphones didn't match being able to reach out and to touch her and feel her physical presence as well as that of her soul.

Those who know us, know how deeply our bond to each other is connected. Those who don't know us can sense it and know that we share something special. Those that don't know either of us can still sense there is something between us that no distance in the world can ever separate or break apart.

Mediocre? Mundane? Routine?


A Mayberry type of existence?

Possibly, and what the hell is wrong with that? I sort of dig being compared to those souls who lived in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show.

Next week is our October vacation. A special time for us and one we never take for granted. Fifteen years ago we spent six days of that vacation apart and we've made up for it ever since. Not just in October, but each and every day of the year.

Special plans next week? Absolutely!

Going away together and shutting the world out for a few brief moments? You bet!

Two souls joined forever, walking hand in hand, arm in arm and sharing all of life's adventures together.

I thank God everyday for blessing me with my soulmate and making her the single biggest blessing ever in my life.

No one could have ever made me as happy as she has all these years and no one could ever hold a candle to her.

I see champagne, a hottub and deep romance next week...

And deep seated and remarkable love and devotion everyday after that.

Once again, thank you God!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

Although this version is not to everyone's liking, to me, this is one of the most stirring versions of our National Anthem I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long, long time.  I hope you'll take the four minutes it takes to view this and I hope you enjoy it as well.

C'mon October

While I love the Summer and the warm and pleasant weather, nothing seems to get my blood really pumping like October does.

Crisp morning air, cooler temps, bright sunshine, beautiful fall colors and something simply in the air makes me feel more alive during this month than at any other time of year.

Some people say they hate October for varying reasons. Some because everything is dying, others because cold Winter weather is not too far off. Others for various and other sundry reasons, but to me, it's not a time of dying, it's a time of renewal, a time for different aspects of Mother Nature to go to sleep and re-energize for another glorious season of life a few short months down the road.

Sure, Winter is just around the corner, but Winter has its benefits as well, and while I am by no means a Winter weather person, I see the benefits of the Winter months as well. I just hope come late January you can remind of some of those benefits.

Now, I am not wishing the rest of Summer and September away, I am merely anticipating the arrival of October and the gorgeous Autumn weather that accompanies it. I anticipate that special vacation that Peggy and I take each year at this time, and nothing awakens me more than to spend that time with her, outdoors, either in Indiana or in the mountains of Virginia, North Carolina or Tennessee. That is a total winning combination!

Wherever you are, north, south, east or west of where I am, I hope you can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the most glorious month of the year...October!

Three weeks and counting...