Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mind Matter Releasing

This is simply an entry to release some crap that has building up inside my head, in no particular order, so I have no idea what is about to come out here.

American Idol

American Idol is now in its sixth season, and it appears that this tremendously successful venture into discovering new musical talent has hit a stalemate this year, thanks in part to some truly ignorant asses that have nothing better to do with their time than to try and ruin something that has, up until this season, proven to be a very fruitful venture.

The king of smut on the airwaves, Howard Stern, has ignited a campaign to make sure people vote enmasse' for the worst singer in the competition, proving himself as a man who is lacking in true success, so he is attempting to ruin the number one rated show on television. The hilarity of his situation is that regular AM and FM radio no longer holds a home for this troll, so he now has his program on Sirius satellite radio, and is playing to a much smaller audience. However, the Charles Manson of the airwaves has his faithful following and his core audience follows his bidding and have started a campaign of calls into the weekly posted toll free numbers, and in so doing, are ruining the validity of the American voting for the next American Idol.

I'm also told that there is a website that also "tells" people who to vote for, and of course, the site is telling people once again who the worst of the contestants is, and like sheep being led to a slaughter, the faithful group of mindless robots are also voting in masses attempting to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into the works and pass the worst of the contestants on each week. Much like the Hitler Youth of the 1940's, mind control continues to rear its ugly head and make its attempt at ruining Fox's very successful show.

I truly believe in my heart that once the show moves towards its final six contestants, the true voting public of our nation will win out over the vote for the worst ruse. It is a shame, however, that ignorance is bliss sometimes, and it only goes to show you that when something is truly successful, there are those mindless cretins who are bent on ruining a good thing.

Hopefully after this season of controversy, Fox will next season limit the number of votes per telephone number to a more reasonable ten each and squash another attempt at depriving American Idol's faithful audience of an accurate and fair contest.

Gasoline Prices, YES, AGAIN!!!

An amazing thing once again this year is how gas prices have risen faster than a year ago, and seemingly just in time for the travels of Spring Break and Easter weekend. More tripe has been given for this next round of higher prices, yet no one really will take a stand and call it what it really is, price gouging at America's best! Another year of record profits loom for the greed and insanity of the oil industry, and once again, Congress will fail to take action as this great American rip off continues. Look for it to only continue to worsen since the oil industry is quickly realizing they can do whatever they want with the price of gasoline and face no threat from a oil controlled White House.

Blue Funk

I continue to suffer from a blue funk that came over me back in February when winter really decided to arrive. Try as I might, my creative force refuses to be tapped, and I continue to just ride it out and wait until truly better weather arrives and sunshine comes back into my life, in more ways than one.

Dark thoughts and emotions seem to be a regular part of my life at present, and though I know this is only a temporary condition I'm in, it is becoming quite frustrating, because it seems nothing I can do myself will alleveiate it. Until that happens, I would imagine my postings will continue to be sporadic at best.

I thank all of my faithful few for bearing with me, because I promise, better days are ahead and things will be getting better.

Until then, I bid you all adieu....