Monday, July 20, 2015


So many confusing emotions right now, stirring up inside my head. Confusion, anger, hatred, just to beginning to name a few.

To rob someone who looks up to you, trusts you and loves you, and in a moment, you strip all that away and remove that for your own gratification.

Was it truly worth those few selfish moments?

What do you have left now, what little bit of your former life do you now have left?

Your friends are gone.

Your job is gone.

Your home, is no doubt gone.

No one loves you.

No one trusts you.

You are truly alone now.

How does your future look? Is there any sunshine there for you?

Do you like the bars across your windows, across your doors?

Are you enjoying the culinary cuisine?

Do you like someone being there with you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Do you have to constantly look over your shoulder, wondering if this is the day they finally grab hold of you, beat you senseless and do worse to you than what you did to your young and innocent victims?

You're a slime, a small glob of useless lifeforce that doesn't deserve the oxygen you take in to sustain your miserable life.

If you ever walk the streets, free at last or temporarily, you will be shunned, pointed at and so much hate and distrust will flow at you it might cut off your breathing for a few moments. You might, just possibly, be beaten worse than you were the first time when this all started coming to light.

You have admitted to at least eight victims, not the two you were accused of, but eight? Were these trophies to you? Were these accomplishments to you?

Hey, you sick twisted worthless piece of excrement, those eight were innocent lives that you have forever damaged for your own perverted desires. Those eight victims have parents, step parents and brothers and sisters. You've created so much damage to so many others, just so you could get your rocks off.

Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. You've done damage to all of them, and I truly don't think you care and I don't think you even feel a bit of regret and given the chance, I truly believe you'd do it again, for the same twisted reasons.

You're thirty years old.

You know better.

You obviously don't care.

You are truly alone now.

All alone.

No friends, no family that will claim you.

Prison is too good for you, Asshole. Life behind bars, secluded, away from those who want nothing more than to get their hands on you and get a bit of satisfaction as they beat the life from you.

You stole innocence. You took trust and you mutated love and threw honor away.

Was it worth it?

I hope what little bit of life you have left you spend beginning to comprehend the scope of what you have done and to so many.

Sadly, I hope you find a way to slip the rope around your neck or find the sharp object to slice open your veins.

And I hope your end comes, slow, lingering and painful. Sadly, even that will never make up for all the pain you have caused and all the trust you have stolen from so many.

To me, child molesters are the lowest form of life on this planet.

I'm ashamed that I know you and I'm ashamed that at one time I called you a friend.

God forgive me, but I truly fucking hate every fiber of your being.