Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Make no mistake you're never
Regardless of the miles
Leaving us separated without each other
Even tho we are very much together in spirit,
Never alone
Enjoying that special time to share.

Very intense emotions upon us both
Inside we feel
Courageous, yet empty.
Enveloping that aura,
Not knowing the intensity of its power,
Taking us to the core of our brother and sisterhood
Each of us together, yet separated and alone.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Six or Duck

I don't have all the facts, I don't have all the figures...but I'm amazed at the news...

Damn, a member of the Duck Dynasty family lost his job because he showed his true colors as a racist and an anti-gay Christian...he did this, as I understand, on his own time and in his own home...but what did his contract with the network require of him because no one wants to talk about that...

The media is eating this up, as is the world of social media...

Countless posts, and I do mean so many I don't want to count them all, one view or the other, regarding Phil Robertson, and him being fired by A & E because of his comments...


Six American soldiers lose their lives on duty for this nation of ours in a foreign land and they garner a quick short story on the news...

I have 1,173 friends on Facebook and I saw not ONE single comment regarding these six lives lost...

In all fairness, I do not see all the posts of all my friends...I miss lots every single day...but wouldn't you think I would see just one?

But I didn't...

Not one...

And that bothers me...

As a pacifist and as an American, folks, that bothers me...

Six soldiers families lives are changed forever and not one post that I have seen...

A family whose wealth is reported as over 80 million dollars has a family member who gets fired by a television network because of comments he made that were pretty slanted and racist, and the world of social media and media jumps on it like it's the worst thing that could happen to them...

Yet six soldiers die, their family's lives are changed forever, and not one comment on my Facebook page for me to read regarding this even happening...

This shit bothers ME!

By the way, I pick SIX!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Every morning
Over my coffee
She brings a smile to me
Every noontime
A synopsis
Her day.
Every evening
Kind words
And support
Get me thru.
Every night
The sisterly love
Within her