Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Nice Place To Be

Why is it so many folks when they see someone they used to care deeply about finally being happy and having the things they always wanted, why is it they don't want that person to be happy or have the things that make them happy?

I can recall in junior high when a girl broke up with me once she told me she hoped I would never be happy because she was the best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing was certainly further from the truth. To this day that poor woman isn't happy and has never found what it was she was looking for.

That's sad.

Our lives all have their ups and downs, their moments of happiness and their moments of devastation. Sometimes we stray from those things that make us the happiest for a lot of varying reasons. Some of us are fortunate enough to get back on the right track, while others don't.

When we make our journey back, and when we get on the right track, why is it there seems to be someone out there that only wishes to see you hurt, miserable and alone?

I can think of no one in this life that I would ever wish that on. Those who crossed my life's path I only wish the best for, and the happier that they are and the more they have those things that are precious to them, the happier I am and the happier I am for them.

What pleasure can there be in wanting to see someone all alone, without friends, without happiness and without love? When lives grow apart and when those people are no longer in your life, how can you possibly find contentment in their misery?

I'm happy, I'm content and I harbor no ill will or bad feelings toward anyone. Life has taught me that nothing is gained by that type of thinking. I'm thankful to God above for those he has brought into my life, to those who touched my life in many different ways, and I am hopeful that all continues to go well in their lives as well. I wish them well, I wish them every happiness and I would do nothing to try and change any of that for them.

Sadly, not everyone feels this way.

What achievement is there in being so selfish and so hate filled and so ill contented?

Everyone who has come in and out of my life has had a special place there, and while there are many who are no longer a part of my life, I'm thankful that they came into it when they did and I am thankful for the footprints their life left in mine. I can only wish them every happiness as their lives continue on and I hope they are always happy, content and loved.

Love is beautiful, love is kind, and if it's ever really there, it doesn't bear rotten fruit and it doesn't turn evil as it mutates. It simply changes in degree...

As does life, and all it holds for each of us.

And I'm thankful for where my journey has led me to at this point.

It's a nice place to be.