Friday, April 21, 2006

One Year Has Passed

Hard to believe, but it's now been a year since I started this venture, and while I know it's not been one of the better things I've done in my life, it's given me some satisfaction and a bit of release to free the need in myself to sit down and write again.

A couple of weeks have passed, and for various reasons, one mainly being the great weather we've been having, I haven't sat down in here and done any serious writing. I hope to change that this weekend. I've got this great short story in mind that I've been writing in my head as I've been working and riding my new motorscooter(that's another story for another time), but I feel the urge building and the story will soon be appearing.

Thanks to all who continue to check back regularly, and rest assured, more is coming, good or bad, and special thanks to my good friend Glen who I'd lost contact with over 35 years ago.

As the song goes,
I must let the show go on!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moving Ahead Two Wheels At A Time

Well, once again, as we hear about "projected" fears and "projected" shortfalls and "projected" increase in the use of petroleum products, the out of control conglomeration of oil companies are once again at it, determined to drive the price of gasoline above and beyond the $3 a gallon mark in the very near future. And with no one in the White House who really cares one way or the other(after all, where does our illustrious President have HIS money invested,) no doubt we are mere weeks away from gasoline once again reaching an all time high price in the United States.

I've bitched and complained consistently now for over the past three years about how gasoline now fluctuates as much in a month as it used to in a year. Well, I was wrong, it now fluctuates more like once a week as much as it used to in an entire year or longer, and finally, after making threats to do so for the past three years, this past Saturday, I carried out a threat I've made for the past three years.

I went out and purchased a brand new motorscooter. Now I'm not talking about a little scooter that's going to putt around between 25 and 3o mph, either. I bought a brand new 150 CC scooter that is rated to travel between 55 and 60 mph, and after breaking in, I've been told some of them actually can go around 70mph with two people on board! So, this is something that not only is going to get me to and from work and keep up with traffic, but it's going to be something that I can use for trips other than just to and from work.

It's rated to get between 85 and 100 miles to the gallon, has a two gallon tank, so I have already figured that with my drive to work and back each day ONLY, I'll only have to fill up every two and a half weeks or so. That sure beats the hell out of what I'm spending now.

Now, yes, I had to go the expense of buying the scooter, putting insurance on it, buying two helmets and getting a motorcycle learner's permit, but I figure, what the hell, if George W and his group of greedy DC cohorts can't control the out of control oil industry any better than what they've actually tried to do, then I can afford a little satisfaction on my end and spend a few of my hard earned dollars and at least keep some of my money in my pocket and let the big dogs eat!

Now, there are some drawbacks, too, at least at first. Firstly, driving with a permit, you can only drive during the daylight hours.(Another hurray for daylight savings time!) You can't carry any passengers with a permit, and you have to have a helmet on. The last one knocks me out(pun intended) because I have no desire to go driving down the highway without a helmet on my head. But those drawbacks are minimal!

Later on this summer when I've become aclimated to being on two wheels again after nearly a twenty-five year absence from them, I hope to take and to pass my motorcycle operators endorsement test. Once that is accomplished, I can drive at night and carry passengers, and I think my wife and I together will enjoy going out for afternoon rides when the weather is pleasant, and I know for a fact I'm going to enjoy driving close to 200 miles on a couple of gallons of gas.

And sure, there's some apprehension on my part, because after all, I'm 54 years old and haven't driven a motorcycle in a very long time. But I've got plenty of time to learn, and considering how careful I drive my car, I don't think the learning part is going to be that big of a deal. The big deal is learning how to cope with the others on the road who don't see you or care about you.

But the papers are signed, I have the check written out, and this Saturday, with the help of my good friend Rick, I'll be making the trip to Indy to pick up my brand new scooter that I can't wait to ride.

Now, if only the weather will co-operate, because the forecast for this weekend is for cool and damp weather.

Come Monday, though, the forecast is for sunny skies and temps near 70. And if that's the case, you can be assured I'll be driving my new scooter to work for the first of many times.

Keep an eye out for me, will ya?