Friday, February 13, 2015


There's a magic about you
That warms my soul
There's a presence about you
That makes me feel whole.

When you're away from me
I feel such distress
The absence of you
Puts me under duress.

In and out of my life
You're there then you're not
And when you aren't there
I feel so disraught.

I'm glad that you're back
I hope that you'll always be near
And that we both understand
Why we are both here.

Bring your smile bring your wit
Bring a smile to my face
There's something you bring me
That no one can replace.

Some friendships are special
And worth the toil and the strife
But this friendship of ours
Quite frankly, saved my life.

Not a day goes by
That you don't cross my mind
I always cling to our friendship
And leave many other things behind.

Thanks for being here for me
And continuing to help me get thru
This life that I live
Would be incomplete without you.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Fanatics Unite!

Okay, let's see...

Men of God, understanding, compassionate and devoted to spreading the word of God. Respecting the rights of others and respectful of others' feelings.

So, why do I see so called men, and women of God, preaching hatred and religious and political bias?

Churches, and their websites, trying to discredit the beliefs of others that disagree with their own doesn't seem a very Christian thing to me. Yet it's there, I see it, and I'm confused and disillusioned by it and by them and quite frankly, it's them that makes me happy that I don't attend church anymore or follow any organized religion. I have my beliefs, I have my trust in God, but I do NOT think God wants us following hate filled spewings of so called men and women of God who do nothing more than the religions they discredit do.

I read and hear men of God telling us how wrong the Muslims are and how they are filled with hatred of Christians, but isn't that exactly what the "Christians" are doing when they teach this crap???

How about the ones who tell us that all liberals and Democrats are Godless people who don't follow the teachings of God? Let's see, does my Bible not teach to judge not lest ye be judged? Should it read, judge not, lest ye be judged, unless you are a member of my political party and share the same prejudicial beliefs as I do?

And they continue to teach and preach and convey that they are right when in reality they are only spreading a message of bias and hate.

A Christian is supposed to be someone who is used of God. A fanatic is someone who uses God.

I think many of these so called Christians are in reality the latter...

Since they seem to teach and believe that ALL Muslims are evil and Godless and they seem to be possess these same qualities, does that not, in their way of thinking, mean that all Christians are evil and Godless?

The controversy continues...