Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blood Sweat & Tears - And when I die

Got this one running thru my head so I guess it's time to purge it out and share it with you all.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now What?

Got results back today on my latest bloodwork a couple of days ago.

Good news, my uric acid levels are back to normal, so the new meds are working.

The bad news, my blood and hemoglobin levels are low again, which could range from any number of causes. Right now, I've been given new restrictions on what I can put in my body, and we'll check the blood again in January 2011, and see what transpires at that time.

I went thru the thoughts today of having another colonoscopy and endoscopy, but for right now, we're going to see if diet changes help.

If not, well, we'll see what happens then.

So much for thinking about retiring.

Hell, I can't retire, I couldn't afford all the medical tests I might be having next year.

As Mr Potter told George Bailey on Christmas Eve: "George, you're worth more dead than alive."

Hmmmm, food for thought, maybe?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reality Returns Tomorrow

Once again another October vacation has come and once again it is drawing to an end. The weather was totally awesome, wonderful temperatures most of the time, and we got a half inch of rain on Wednesday this past week, which was needed very badly.

We took several day trips, two overnighters, had several great meals and shared some good drinks. We saw beautiful fall colors, spent much quality time together and discussed plans for our future.

Tomorrow reality returns and with it the responsibilities of both of our jobs. I'm sure it will take us both a couple of days to become acclimated again, but no doubt we will fall back into the natural swing of things without too much trouble.

I can only hope when retirement finally does arrive (still haven't made up mind as of this writing) we can find as much enjoyment in it as we did the past couple of weeks. Other than a couple of hours when Peggy went to town to do a little shopping, we spent the entire past 17 days together.

I thank God for the time we had off the past two weeks and I also thank Him for the great jobs both of us have to return to tomorrow.

I also thank Him in advance for showing me what direction to go as I seriously contemplate retirement.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colors Alive Down By The River

Up before the crack of dawn, on the road before the sun started to rise, and about and hour and half later, we arrived at our destination, Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN, down by the Ohio River.

All I can say is that after a wonderful filling breakfast and some tasty hot coffee, this was the scene that we were met with out in the woods. The talented and artistic finger of God has painted a truly beautiful picture for all to see, and it should brighten even more in the days to come.

I can't imagine what the colors would have been had we had more rain this year.

What a great way to start your Tuesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rebuilt and Reopened

In a blog I posted a little over two years ago, I showed pictures of the Moscow Covered Bridge after a tornado destroyed it and left it lying in ruin in the Flatrock River.

A week ago, Peggy and I took a drive down to Moscow, a few weeks after the bridge was reopened. It was the first time I had been down to Moscow in years, and thankfully, I never actually saw the bridge after the tornado had done its deed.

I am so glad to see the bridge has been rebuilt very close to the way the Kennedy Brothers originally built it all those many years ago, and it is indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

The bridge once again spans the Flatrock at a length of 335 feet.

If you get a chance, take a drive down to Moscow and see the beautiful job they have done restoring and rebuilding, with not one dime spent out of the taxpayers' pockets.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dry Continues

Field fires once again today kept our county's firemen busy. The scanner was busy this afternoon with one fire a mere couple of miles away as the crow flies.

Lack of rain and extremely dry condtions, coupled with low humidity and windy conditions are dictating the National Weather Service to issue a red flag warning for tomorrow once again.

A county wide burn ban has been in effect since last month, and with little rain forecast for the next week, I don't see conditions getting much better.

Hope the good Lord blesses us with a good soaking rain soon.

Makes me wonder how much water is actually in my well.


The usual color of fall is missing this year.

Our lack of rain, no doubt, has caused this to happen.

I'm not saying we haven't any fall colors this year, because we do.

I do notice, however, that a lot of trees are simply drying up and losing their leaves without much of the magic that usually accompanies this.

This week we shall venture out and travel a few hours to other parts of Indiana and see it the same is true there as well.

Although it doesn't appear that this is going to be as colorful a fall as in years past, it still remains my favorite time of year.

Now, if we could just pass by winter and head into spring...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

28 North "The Shine"

Take a moment and check these guys out!

Awesome sound!

28 North

Thursday night was one of those musical nights you won't soon forget.

Peggy and myself accompanied another couple up to Indy's famous Slippery Noodle Inn for a night of good company, good food, good drinks and good blues. We had three out of the four, and some of the best live rock I've heard in a while.

Taking the stage at 9PM this past Thirsty Thursday evening was Pittsburgh band 28 North, who proceeded to play their brand of bluesy rock. You can't really call it blues, and you really can't call it plain old rock, because frankly, it combined the two.

Sitting up front like I love to do, we got a chance to visit with the band on their breaks, and we also got to buy a couple of band t-shirts and three of their CD's. I'm already hoping they make it back to Indy in the near future because I would love the chance to get to see them again.

Check them out if you get a chance. These four young men really know how to rock it!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sybaris, October 5, 2010

Fall of the year awakens the majority of me. This year again is no exception. For maybe the tenth time, my darling wife of nearly 33 years and I ventured once again to Sybaris in Indianapolis, which has been voted the number one romantic getaway in the country. We are so lucky to have this little piece of Heaven so close to home.

The pictures I have posted here are of our suite. Yep, all our own. The pool, the steambath, the hottub, all ours and no one elses. All in our suite, which is its own building. Killer stereo system so naturally I bring music from home and have it playing non-stop the whole time we are there.

After a delicious steak dinner at Longhorn a few short blocks away, we cast aside our pressures from everyday life and experience a romantic getaway like no other.

Is it cheap, no! Is it worth every dime we spend on it, ABSOLUTELY!!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

It Rained, It Really Rained!!!

After nearly two months of near drought conditions and the driest August on record for Indiana, the skies opened for a short while yesterday and blessed us with three tenths of an inch of rain. It was a blessing, indeed.

On our first day of vacation, Peggy and I made the trip to Shelbyville and purchased the necessary items to make a pot of chili. With temps staying in the 50's yesterday and clouds and rain, it hit the spot, to say the least.

My good friend Rick came over and installed two sensor floodlights for us, which should really come in handy this winter when we arrive home after dark. He's a really great friend and knows a lot more about that kind of stuff than I do.

Two weeks of vacation now lies ahead, and Peggy and I should be spending a lot of quality time together over the next fifteen days.

Lord, but I love the fall and spending it with my wife!

I'm a very lucky man, for sure!