Monday, November 09, 2009

What's It Going To Take?

It used to sadden me to see someone with so much good going on in their life that they refuse to see it because of the condition they allow alcohol to put them in.

Now it only pisses me off.

When someone has family that loves and cares about them and they only want to stay trashed and wallow in self pity there is indeed a problem.

When legalities arise, this person can tow the line, stay on the straight and narrow and be pleasant to be around.

When there are no legalities, the same person drinks themselves into a never ending oblivion and not only stays mired down in that self pity but they try and make everyone else feel sorry for them too.

Is attention really that important when family is there and gives that person all the attention they really need?

When someone, day in, day out, starts the day off with a drink and spends every available moment drinking and continues to do that drinking along with driving, something needs to be done.

When someone no longer takes care of themselves hygenicaly, when they can no longer control their waste elimination habits and they no longer possess common sense or good judgement, enough is enough.

If they can stay off the drinking for fear of prison time for an entire year but falls right back into the same pattern the moment that year is up, it only proves to me it's a problem of choice, not a medical or addiction problem.

When you drink so much you can no longer put your sentences together and all you do is annoy people and stay mean all the time, the problem isn't the alcohol, the problem is YOU!

Why is it more fun to stay trashed, lose all your friends, alienate your family and put lives at risk each day when you climb behind the wheel of your car? Are you that damned starved for attention?

I've tried to tell you, your family has tried to tell you and your friends have tried to tell you.

Why do you enjoy being the drunken asshole?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ahead I Am Going

Time changes things.

It changes opinions, it changes emotions, it changes interests and it changes perceptions.

Time moves on with or without us.

As time goes on, we can either decide to move with it or stay stuck behind in the mire that we call existence.

I'm not the same person I was 40 years ago, but in many ways I'm still the same.

I'm still a pacifist, I'm still a realist and not an idealist.

I am a very emotional individual and my emotions tend to drive me moreso than my thoughts do.

I have learned to accept things and I have learned over the years that life is not an "Ozzie and Harriet" existence.

It would be so much easier to live if it were.

I've made a mountain of mistakes over the years, more than I care to remember that I've made, but I admit that I made them.

I've been wrong in so many ways, but I've learned to accept the fact that you learn from being wrong and you move on.

And you move on sometimes by leaving others behind.

For now, I choose to move forward and not look back any more than I have to.