Thursday, August 30, 2012


As you cross over those bridges
In your life,
Turn around,
Set fire to each one
And constantly move forward
And never look back.
The bridge is gone forever
And there's no reason
To try going back now,
Because the way is gone
And the path shall never be

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Uriah Heep - Circle Of Hands - it was the year 1973 - Music high quali...

I have been a fan of Uriah Heep almost since the group's inception back all those decades ago.  This band, one of the relative few who have been able to pull it off, have only gotten better as the years have gone by. 

This is one of my favorite tunes by them, and within this song lies one of my most favorite lyrics:  "And today is only yesterday's tomorrow..."

How profound is that?

Hope you take a few moments and give "Circle Of Hands" by Uriah Heep a listen.

Monday, August 13, 2012


His journey came in parts
With turmoiled emotions
Broken hearts
He wandered out
With no clear heading
He traversed the lands
Using Mother Earth
As his bedding
His emotions ran wild
His heart ran free
He took no notice
Of you or of me
His journey started with but a single step
This is his story
Listen closely with respect.

It seemed at times, he had walked forever
The shoes on his feet, became worn out leather
He left the land he knew so well
And ventured into these wastelands he now thought of as hell
He had loosed the ball and chain that bound him
And the wearing elements of this vast land had now found him.
He bled and he sweat he hungered, he thirsted
His body fairly screamed and his head nearly burst
Yet onward he trudged
Lest a failure he be judged.

When his time had come and he felt dejected
Westward he headed as his life he rejected
A source lie ahead that he was sure would fill his heart
Of the love that he needed so he decided to depart
Yet once he was there he found not what he was seeking
Instead, what he found he dared not to be keeping
So he endured those few days which seemed an eternity
This place he had first journeyed offered nothing of serenity
He sought his escape, he sought his release
He ventured away and held onto his peace.

Out of the mist and swirling haze
He saw the road was harsh and pitted
Yet he took the first step and onward he trudged
For to his journey he remained committed.

He recalled years ago when he first touched the sound
Of the music in his heart
And the symphony in his soul
He longed to recapture that music again
With a new writing partner
He thought that he knew.

It was then he discovered the lies he'd been told.

As the blind symphony played on, the song remained the same
A new character came into being and she began to play the game
A new circle
A new break
A classic take
On the life that was promised
Of the truth that endured
To encompass her love
Caused his life to become impure.

His thoughts swirled about him
With each step that he took
Yet he failed to glance over his shoulder
At that which he overlooked.
His life became her game
He himself became a pawn
In the sunset of his evening
He was becoming her new dawn.

Down, down
He fell
As feet began to fail him
He fought for purchase
Yet he found none ahead
As he landed in the darkness
His thoughts swirled out
And screamed.

"I want so much to just walk away
Escape the madness and skip the game
But forward I go and onward I trudge
As you decide to be my judge.

"I look for answers and I look for smiles
As I travel these many rugged miles.
Yet what I have found is simply nothing more
Than confusion and hurt, both of which I deplore.

"This decision I made was unwise and wrong
This journey I've made was tedious and long
Yet no new answers and no happiness ahead
I'd been better off had I only dropped dead.

"I discovered too late the two faces she wore
And the life that she promised was one I'd abhor.
I sought my escape, not a moment too soon
I had to move on and away from this loon.

"I'm still seeking answers and ignoring those lies
That were all just a part of her clever disguise.
I must return back to the life that I left
'cause I view it more openly and with much more respect."

But alas the wicked source that he had seeked from the east
Refused to relinquish him, she was quite the beast.
She imprisoned him with words, with threats and with anger
It was then that he realized all he had lived for was in danger.
In her mind she had mapped out the rest of his life
He would leave all behind and she would be soon be his wife.
And the love they had spoken of was nothing but lies
And to have to lay with her for eternity he knew he'd despise
He couldn't conceive making love to her forever
For she made his skin crawl and caused him to shiver.
The heaven she had promised that would only be his
Had been thru so many others and offered nothing as is.

So with great care and planning he devised such a plan
That would remove him from this hell and release him from this land.
He recalled their first walk around the mountain by the lake
It was there they would return and his escape he would make.
He summoned his courage and all the fortitude that he had
And set himself to task this wild scheme he deemed mad.
He must be crafty and sly and show her nothing but love
Then when the time was just right he would make one final shove.
He loved her, he wooed her he showed all his charm
In his effort to deceive her and cause her great harm.

If he failed then he knew that his life would be over
And forever he'd be trapped with this witch as his lover.
Behind her eyes of beauty their lived a woman without sanity
And in mind she was his only and her heart was full of vanity.
For her love was pure selfishness and greed without guilt
It was either surrender his life or let it be her blood spilt.

He took her hand
That fateful day
As they started their walk
As he had planned it that way.
On a day that was cool
On a day with no breeze
They walked like young lovers
With only each other to please.
The came to the clearing
He had remembered from before
And he dropped to one knee
As if to promise her more.
She stood facing him
Her back to the cliff
Looking down on her lover
And he suddenly moved quick.
With a leap and a lunge
He shoved her straight back
She fell head over heels
Into the dark depths
And the black.

She had uttered no cry
On her way to her death
And his descent to go find her
Left him without very much breath.
He found her broken body
Her eyes towards the sky
And he really hated the fact
That this woman had to die.

And then he remembered her evil and wicked ways
And the prison she would have had him in for the rest of his days.
He set to work quickly digging the dirt with his hands
He had truly succeeded with his dark evil plan.
He finished his task and he rose and walked away
And hoped he'd eventually forget this damned day.

He returned to his life that she had once called mundane
He found the true happiness that had been there always.
The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence
Sometimes you just need look and see the love so immense.
His life became richer and fuller, you see
It was all in his power, he just had to believe.

A hundred years came to pass, his life had ceased and moved on
But something of his had remained and never was gone.
Her unmarked grave lay unnoticed and on it no grass ever grew
For her wickeness and lies still lived on for a few.
Protect your heart from the lies
Protect your life from the hate
Lest you find your own destiny
Resembling this same fate.

A hundred and twenty years passed by
And one day two young lovers
Sat on a stone near the unmarked grave
Arms around each other
And as the young man prepared to drop to one knee
And request the young maiden's hand for eternity
The lightning flashed
The thunder rolled
And the rains came down
And washed the evil from this ground.

Love conquers all.
True, undying and unselfish


Friday, August 10, 2012

Behind The Smile

and as his smile broadened,
he remembered what many thought
he had forgotten
and he set in motion
his plan
his revenge
and relished in knowing
that no one would be the wiser
for all involved
had thought he had forgotten
when in reality
he held onto those memories
and of the injustices
and of the evilness
of those deeds
done unto him
and he knew
the perpetual spirit
would aid him
and guide him
and help him set forth
his plan of action
which was forthcoming
and would leave someone
in awe
in agony

let the game begin

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Smile

The strength of those emotions
The hurt, the bite, the bitterness
That welled to the surface
Brought along with it
The Beast
That had been caged within
And was about to be set loose
Upon the unsuspecting masses.

And the Beast smiled its hungry

Monday, August 06, 2012


At long last, after over 11 weeks with only two small rain showers that accumulated a total of three tenths of an inch of rain, yesterday morning early, a thunderstorm went thru and dumped an inch of rain on us.

Now, that's not a lot, considering we are nearly 11 inches behind where we should be, but at this point in time, an inch of rain is a blessing from God above. I don't know how much of that will make its way down into our well, but it's got to at least help a little.

Our corn crops in the state are devastated, we are in an exceptional drought condition, which is by far the worst drought we have seen in my lifetime, but at least this shows us there is a bit of hope that more will come later on this week.

We've set a record number of days with triple digit temperatures and we just had the hottest month EVER in the state of Indiana.

And August has just begun, and that is usually a very hot and dry month.

I would also like to add a totally unrelated postscript here at the end, but I have been working on something very special and near and dear to my heart, and something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Very shortly it will be appearing on here and I hope my Faithful Few enjoy it and find something very special about it.

Thanks, and thanks to God above for the inch of rain yesterday.

Now, dear Sir, could you please send us a bunch more?