Sunday, December 31, 2006


Another year spirals towards its end,
Mocking me, letting me know that yet again,
I've failed to leave my mark,
To make a difference
To take control and be in charge
Of this meaningless life
I continue to cling to.
Hoping the New Year arrives
And enables me to be more
Accept less
And move forward
And be in command.
Loneliness eats like a cancer,
Devouring the heart,
Clouding the mind
And possessing my soul
As I try to traverse
The mountain in front of me,
Wondering to myself,
What direction do I take?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Like a knife plunged deep into my heart,
The aloofness of your attitude and the
Lack of love you have deprived me of
Only remind of not how much of a failure I was,
How much of a coward you truly are
Depriving those of your heart
Not only of that which is you,
But also
The lives you have allowed to abandon
Our hearts
Thru no deed of their own.
Hurt is no longer the presence
That invades my life daily,
But moreso
Anger of the ignorance you have permitted
To become the cornerstone
Of your pathetic excuse for a life.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Historical Repetitiveness

It only took three decades
And once again
We are involved in a useless war that
Holds no promise of victory,
Yet we remain blind to the truth.

Of Note

In all manner of reason and intelligence
I find it an amazing thing
That ignorance overshadows common sense
And is acknowledged as
Acceptable behavior.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Call This An Offer Or A Request

Friendships are made and lost everyday, it's a fact of life.

Friendships are also made online everyday, some of them will last a lifetime.

I've made a lot of friends online over the past nine years since I got my first computer.

I also have met some that stand on a level that is so high it's unimaginable.

Such is the case with a young woman I met thru blogger many months ago.

Reading the entries on her site are something I look forward to each and everyday. Sometimes when I've had a rough day I have gone to her blogsite and her poetry has brought me out of my bad mood and forced me to set my sights higher.

Her writing talent continues to grow and mature at an astounding rate, and she never ceases to blow my mind with the absolutely cosmic talent she possesses. I have sat here and read many of her poems and have literally shaken my head wondering how she does it time after time. She's been blessed with a wonderful talent and I've tried to tell her that on many occasions.

She's a friend beyond words. Mere words cannot describe the closeness I have been blessed with just having known her the short time that I have. We share a love of the written word and we enjoy seeing what each other has written, time after time. Though I have never met her I can honestly tell you that I believe I could trust this young woman with any secret I have and it would never be repeated to a single soul. There aren't many people I can say that about in this world.

After reading every word she has written on her site thus far, I feel it only proper to ask my dear friend Autumn if she would consider collaborating on a poem together at sometime in the near future and when finished if she would like to post it on both of our blogsites?

What do you say, special friend?

Are you up to the challenge of working on just one poem together with me?

Hope you don't mind me putting you on the spot, Kiddo!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Reality Check

After a moment of dazzling sanity,
The war in Iraq continues.

Of Oneself

Tired, wasted, energy gone,
Such a wondrous time of the year
Hoping the pressure once again
Doesn't try and rob me of
The glorious feeling
We all come to know and love.

Giving, providing, sharing
With each one that passes from my counter,
I send along a bit of myself
Not meaning to
But knowing that it is that part
Of me that gives and goes
And saps me year after year,
But still keeps me smiling.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Are there answers?

The numbers I see
Are always the same,
So why am I playing
This foolish damned game.
I seek with desire
The answers not revealed
My heart growing weary
Losing its shield.
The weariness of travelling
This road I'd forgotten,
Seeking for reason
In things misbegotten.
I ask for your guidance
In an effort to see
Just what it is
You have planned yet for me.
Still no answer revealed
Just like you don't care
Yet all of my heart
With you I've shared.
So what does it take
To get inside of your head
Will you talk to me now
Or wait 'til I'm dead.
I don't want solutions
I don't seek the end
But I wish for this moment
An answer you'd send.
I continue to wait
What more can I do?
I continue to wait
On the master, who's you!

Are we there yet?


Excuses given me
Never satisfying my questions
The realm of my heart
For the fulfillment
Of a long ago

I seek, I yearn,
I yield to the truth
That never seems to find me
And deliver unto me
The proper answer.

Patiently I await
The answer of the eons
Wondering if this play I'm in
Is following the plot
Of a darker reason,
A darker season,
And am I playing the lead?

And what does it matter?

Straight Movement Number 54

Always forward,
Always onward,
Never hesitating
The show must go on.

Never knowing,
Never caring,
Only supposing
All this really matters.

Something moves me
Something propels me
I never question
The plan held for me.

No compass to follow
No direction given
Yet I continue my journey
Hopefully winning.


After a brief pause,
Life will continue.