Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Once Again

After a first time trip to Vegas, Peggy got home this morning after spending the last 7 days in a condo out in the unreal world of the Strip along with her three sisters, a cousin and a friend.

They had a ball, including a trip to Hoover Dam, watching Cirque de Soleil, an evening with Jeff Dunham and a performance of Dancing With The Stars.

They made many memories along the way and had countless good times we haven't even had a chance to discuss yet.

I am so glad she is able to do these things with her family, and even though I was invited, I thought the time would be better enjoyed if I stayed home and let them do their own thing.

After an early morning flight out of Vegas into Cleveland and a prop plan trip back to Indianapolis from Cleveland, Peggy arrived home late this morning. She got unpacked, ate, and promptly fell asleep after being up for over 24 hours.

Late this afternoon I took her to Mezcal for an early evening meal, and, after getting out her computer, this is how I found her ten minutes after she logged on.

I would say she had a great time.

I am glad she's home, and I hate that she has to head right back to work tomorrow, because I would love to have about three straight days to spend with her.

However, the reality of the situation is that she goes back to work tomorrow and we have a family reunion we go to this coming weekend and get to spend Friday thru Sunday together non-stop at our favorite winter destination, the Clifty Inn at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison.

My time alone was busy, uneventful and I'm seriously glad she's back home now...

I would never make a good bachelor, trust me!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


always the butt of the joke
always the one who suffered
he took it like a man
and he faced
each and everyday
he took the lumps
the blackeyes and beatings
he took the stares
the jokes
the laughter
and the lies
each day
he got up
he faced the day
he took it
and again
and again
and when he thought he
had no more left
to sustain him
he gathered that strength
and the wisdom
that had never failed him
and he turned the other cheek
used and abused
but all the stronger
and more admirable for it
he realized then
what truth and friendship
really and truly meant
and he realized all too well
the lies and deceit
that lie behind each
and then
he found his


he laughed

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shades Of Blue

Just when you thought it was safe
I have returned
For the soul purpose
Screwing with your


Is that screw a flat head
is It a

Is your karma
Your own
Or do you share it
With someone
Quite unlike

Are you listening
or is it just
of your
and if it is,
Is it blue
Or indigo?

And just where did
Indy Go?

I Hate This Damned Day

Please get me thru this day.

One day each year I totally dread.

That day has arrived.

My father has been gone for over three decades now but I still miss him like it was just yesterday that he passed away.

My own son has turned his back on his family, for whatever selfish reasons he has. This isn't the first time, he did it once before the day we buried my mom and he disappeared for over three years.

Then, back into our lives he comes, albeit for only ten months or so, and then away he goes again.

So far this time it's been seven years.

He now has five sons of his own and I hope none of them ever treats him like he has treated us.

Hurt has turned to anger over the past few years.

Anyone who knows me knows that I try not to harbor ill feelings towards anyone.

My own son knows this and I guess it makes it easier for him to treat us the way he does.

He's going to be 39 years old this year.

I wonder if he's ever going to grow up and be a man and face life head on.

Somehow I doubt it.

So, as I sit back and let another Fathers Day go by, I hope he has a good day with his sons and I hope they treat him with dignity and respect and that they show him a lot of love.

Personally, I just hope Monday gets here quickly, because, quite frankly, I can't wait for this damned day to be over.

Monday, June 04, 2012


He cast aside his dreams
He threw away his wishes
He became what she wanted him to be
And he discovered all too late
That as a dream girl
She was a freaking nightmare.
Then he wished for death...