Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oh, man, oh man, is this ever the freaking truth!  Almost to the point of being laughable!  It was appropriate in 1969, and yes, it's appropriate today!

Monday, July 23, 2012

John Waite Concert

This past Saturday night at Riverside Park, the Summer Concert Series presented John Waite Live By The Levee.

Peggy's and my duties and responsibilites kept us separated during the concert, but as fate would have it, during our favorite John Waite tune, "Missing You," we both somehow managed to meet out front on the west side of the Amphitheater and we got to stand with our arms around each other while he performed this beautiful tune from back in the 80s.

It seemed magical to us both, and even more magical was the fact that he was performing it on our stage in front of a huge crowd.

It was truly a memorable evening.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A very exciting weekend lies ahead for me, with highlights coming tonight and tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night, we try to finish a concert started June 4th of last year, when Cee Cee James once again graces the stage at Riverside Park Amphitheater and attempts to finish her concert from last year which was rain shortened to only six songs. Hopefully, since we are admist this extremely serious drought, we can expect a couple of extra hours of no rain and Cee Cee can get her show in this year.

Tonight, for the first time ever, Cee Cee and her band will take the stage at the Slippery Noodle Inn in Indy for what should prove to be a four hour set of the blues from 9 until 1...we have a good number of people going tonight and several others meeting us up there for her show tonight.

I have been saving for this night for quite a while now, so we can have a few drinks and dinner at the Noodle and listen to some awesome blues jams tonight as well. The board of the Riverside Park Organizing Committee has graciously given me the night off tomorrow night so I can enjoy the show and socialize with Cee Cee when she is done.

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing this dynamic woman sing, you have no idea what you are missing. She's awesome and I can't wait to see her live this weekend, not just once, but twice!

Pretty freaking cool!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

The all time record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Indiana is 106 degrees, set back in the Summer of 1936.

Yesterday the thermometer hit 105 degrees.

Right now as I am typing this it is 104 degrees right outside this wall of the room I am sitting in.

Yes, it's freaking hot.

No, it still hasn't freaking rained.

A small 40 percent chance of rain lies in tomorrow's forecast, as well as a cooling off to 91 degrees.

Yeah, cooling off to 91.

That sounds ridiculous, and it seems even more ridiculous to consider it feeling good outside at 91 degrees, but I'll guarantee you all of us going thru this heat will be able to tell a difference.

No, I won't be turning the a/c off anytime soon, because even with temperatures forecast to be back down in the 80s this week, the humidity will still be horrid.

We've not been doing any cooking out for obvious reasons. I normally do the outside cooking, Peggy does the inside cooking. I have this huge slab of beef ribs, some really nice looking ribeyes and some awesome looking boneless pork chops, just waiting to be cooked once the temperatures make it back down to where it won't be like standing in the pits of hell when I cook them.

Until then, I have no idea what the love of my life has decided on for supper tonight, but whatever it is, it will be delicious as always.

Now to decide whether to have chilled wine, ice cold beer or a pop to go along with that evening meal.

One thing I do know: That meal will be eaten inside in the cool confines of our air conditioned living room while watching the Nascar race from Daytona.

Now, if it would just the hell rain soon!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Dry, Dry, Dry

We are going thru the worst drought since back in the 1930s and witnessing temperatures ranging from the mid 90s to a record high last week of 104.

My once beautiful yard is now brown and tomorrow will make four weeks since I've mowed. Hard to imagine this has happened, but alas, it has. The last time I can remember any significant rainfall was back in March.

With that in mind and 89 of Indiana's 92 counties under some kind of burn ban or advisory, it breaks my mind that neighbors of mine this evening are actually setting off fireworks.

You know, I know it's the patriotic thing to do, but let's face it, with this dryness we have right now on virtually everything, you would think common sense would tell you NOT to set of fireworks.

Many cities in Indiana either cancelled or postponed their fireworks because of the fire danger, which is so very real right now.

I stepped outside a few minutes ago and listened, and these folks are the ONLY ones I can hear in town setting them off.

The funny thing, I thought these folks would be the ones who were smart enough not to take any chances, and the ones I thought that would haven't set off that first one.

You can't predict human nature, I guess.