Sunday, February 26, 2006

Anniversary Analogy

A feeling rises in my throat
Each time you walk by,
Causing my breath to become short
And my head a little dizzy.

My palms become sweaty,
A smile invades my face
And I find myself smiling
Even tho I don't want that smile there.

A numbness comes into my chest
And the intrigue of being nearing you
Places a feeling in my heart
Never caused by another.

How, after all this time
Can you still do this to me
Make my love grow stronger
And yearn to be with you more?

Twenty four hours a day isn't enough
Time for us to be together,
But it's all God allows to have
Day in, day out, year in, and year out.

You've been in my life now for over 30 years
And a part of me now for twenty-eight.
I can't imagine life without you now,
I can't imagine starting each day without you
And hope I never have to.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ode To Winnie

I think that I shall never see,
A thing that sucketh,
As much as

Friday, February 10, 2006

Process Of Being

As one soul begins living
Another soul dies
As the one soul laughs
The other one cries.
When hate turns to love
And love turns to hate
A frown begins smiling
As another smile degrades.
As passion increases
And love finds its way
All thoughts and rationality
Begin to decay.
Out of the blue
The arrow hits its mark
Straight to its target
The frail human heart.
As the light begins fading
And distinguishes its flame
The whole entire process
Sets in motion again.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Morning Winter View

Snow blowing and swirling past my window
As I look out at the white pastoral
Scene Mother Nature has left
With her hands we call the wind.

A blanket of white covers the ground,
The road,
Leaving the trees with a new crop
Of white leaves
On bare limbs
As the white fence accumulates a fresh
New whiteness that failed to exist just
Hours ago.

The wind howls with a music
Of its own,
Creating an overture that while similar
To ones I've heard before
Will forever be heard this same way
Only this once,
The pattern and pitch for this performance only.

I find refuge inside by the fireplace
A warm cup of hot chocolate
Laced with the spirits of
Peppermint schnapps in hand
Which courses its way down my throat
Warming me
And lifting my spirits,
Allowing me to enjoy the beauty
Of this winter scene
Created by surging winds
Whose paths will never cross
This same pattern ever again.

God's gift on a winter day,
A panoramic scene of crusted snow
That will never be duplicated the same
Ever again.
The beauty of which we have mere
Hours to enjoy
And to behold.

Mine eyes have the seen the glory.