Saturday, October 27, 2012

Loving The New Life

Since I retired, life has been so nice, with no set schedule and no work related responsibilities. The only schedule that has really hand any bindings on me has been Peggy's schedule.

Now, with her new job, getting off work earlier, no weekend work and a day off during the week every other week, we have even more time now to do things together that we didn't used to get to do.

A couple of days ago, on a whim, we got up at 5AM, showered and dressed and hit the road and drove an hour and half to go to breakfast. Now I know that probably sounds crazy, but each year when we go for our anniversary trip to Clifty Falls during the month of February, we enjoy the breakfast buffet at the Inn's Falls Restaurant. So, we made the drive down in the dark, sat at a table by the windows overlooking the Ohio River, and ate breakfast and watched sun come up. And we didn't have to wait until our February vacation to enjoy this!

Getting to spend that quality time together is a gift from God, and I so thank Him for it. Our waitress told us how great it was to see us, which made both of us feel exceptional.

While we were there, Peggy walks up to the check in desk and makes reservations to go back down for two nights in December, and not on a weekend, but during the week when it coincides with more time off from her new job.

We had a great day Thursday, driving home back roads, enjoying the fall colors which were actually brighter than I expected them to be after the terrible drought we had this summer. We got home mid afternoon, changed clothes and went out and raked and mulched leaves together, mowed the yard, put up the majority of the lawn furniture and prepared for the upcoming winter.

Now with the weekend here, we have another couple of days to enjoy together before Peggy heads back to work on Monday, at a new job that she totally loves.

God continues blessing us each day.

I am totally loving this new life together with the lady of my dreams.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summer Concert Series Wrap Up Celebration

After our most successful season of concerts yet, the Riverside Park Organizing Committee travelled about an hour's drive away to Camp Atterbury and wrapped out the season with a weekend visit and couple of nights' stay in cabins on the post.

A group of fifteen participated in a fun filled weekend and pitch in dinner Saturday in an effort to close out our season of hard work with a getaway free from the responsiblities we usually each handle on a concert weekend.

After a deluge of rain on Friday evening, the sun came out Saturday morning and Mother Nature provided us with an absolutely awesome Saturday and Sunday, full of fellowship and great food, a chance to visit and talk about things other than the concerts and share a few drinks around the firepit.

As we broke up the party on Sunday morning, Peggy and I drove nearly four miles away and spent the night at the Hampton Inn in Taylorsville and enjoyed an afternoon and evening away from our responsibilities at home and kicked back at the Inn and had a super steak dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.

With the wrap up party, we closed out the 2012 concert season and set our sights on beginning to put together the Riverside Park Live At The Levee Series for 2013.

Looking forward to it, too!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

same old song

head hanging
empty shell of existence
wallowing down
suffering but
and enjoying
the self imposed sentence
of a meaningless moment
and of
relative unimportance
savoring the suffering
enjoying the pain
clouding out reality
and those things that matter
all because
the world hasn't suffered enough
for the actions
of a fool
drawing attention
to prove
how unworthy