Saturday, May 30, 2009

From The Bent Mind, Part Three

Back in November of 1982 I had cancer surgery, actually I underwent surgery to remove testicular cancer. While in the hospital, I wrote the following poem to try and cope with the mental and physical pain I was going thru. Hope it got the point across.

The Third Day Reckoning

This horrid pain is killing me
And I wish to hell it'd stop.
I'm jump right off this stinking chair
And onto my bed I'd flop.

I've heard it said that day number three
Is the worst for post-operative pain.
This could be true, for day three is here
And the pain is driving me insane.

It feels like my guts want to rush forward
And burst right out of my skin.
And if that would happen, with all of this pain
I'd no doubt forget to shove them back in.

All I need is one more shot
To help me thru the day
And then tomorrow when I wake up
I'll try and face the fourth day.

Written November 8, 1982

Monday, May 25, 2009

No Answers

Unbridled confusion
Thoughtless answers to required
Seeking finality,
Finding none,
Becoming one with
Useless apathy
Gaining strength
And like a spreading cancer,

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I have a friend who is missing in action.

I don't know what has happened to her, where she has gone or even if she all right or not. I only know I haven't heard from her since October of last year.

She's a writer and a damned talented one at that. She writes some unbelievable poetry and she amazes me with her wit in her writing.

We met on blogger by chance, and we both became followers of the other ones writing. We commented back and forth on different entries that the two of us did and we occasinally e mailed each other.

She's a vibrant woman, a single mom, or the last I knew she was. She had gone thru a big move in her life and it was one that took away from writing for quite a while. When she finally came back I felt like a father feels when his daughter has been out of touch for quite some time and all of a sudden there she is again.

I've written her a few times but have heard nothing back. She's not posted, at least not on her usual page, and if she has another one, I don't know what it is or where it is.

I don't know if she's well. I don't know if things are going well in her life or not.

I only know I miss her, I miss hearing from her and I miss reading her poetry.

Not knowing how she is bothers me because she had become such a good friend to me and there is a loss in my life not knowing that she's okay.

If any of you who follow her know anything about her, please get in touch with me and let me know. For that matter, if she reads this, let me know you're okay. I just need to know that you are okay and I'll feel a lot better.

Hope to find out something good, hope to find out all is well, and I hope you start writing again, too. You far too talented not to keep it going.

I miss you, Autumn!