Thursday, July 11, 2013


Things happen in our lives that are beyond our grasp of understanding.

Occasionally something will happen and we'll sit and ask ourselves why, pondering for a reason or reasons why some of these inconvenient things happen.

Sometimes though, like recently, an avalanche of things happen and we become bombarded by a barrage of occurences and are left standing in the fallout and trying to deduce just what the hell has happened and what has gone wrong.

Though we aren't supposed to question the reasoning behind these events, for those of us who believe in a higher power and a preordination of events, I find myself right now doing just that; questioning and trying to find reason.

Personally, my own life is going amazingly. Retirement is awesome, Peggy and I are spending much more time together and growing even closer, if one can believe that. We are travelling, spending an increasing amount of time with friends and being able to do things that the constraints of my job used to keep us from doing.

Since her job change, she has more time now, free weekends and longer amounts of time at home in the evening. It's awesome getting to spend this time with my soulmate and we are finding even more things to do and ways to spend quality time together.

However, those that touch our lives, friends, relatives and associates, those folks seem to be going thru some tough times as of late, and it's all happening at once.

We've been losing friends, family and acquaintances much too rapidly recently, and I hope that slows down, though I've been told by those much older and wiser than myself, that this does indeed happen as you get older. It's the nature of this beast called "Life."

I've never done well dealing with loss or having to say goodbye. It's one of my many shortcomings, and I find myself having to go thru it more and more now and at a very alarming rate.

I either need to learn to adapt or it needs to come to a complete and utter stop.

I know it makes no difference, because whichever way it goes, life will go on, with or without me.

Ah, sweet mystery of Life: BITE ME!!!

Thursday, July 04, 2013


A dream of mine, other than the one I've always had of total and complete peace, is to live in a world free of labels.

You know the labels I am speaking of.

Black, white, Native American, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Fat, Skinny, the list goes on and on.

Why is it when people are talking they have to resort to labeling people as they talk, for instance, "My friend Bill, you know, the Black guy you saw me with..."?

Why can't they just say, "My friend Bill"?

I remember a few years ago I was reading an editorial in a small town newspaper that was written by the publisher and he was referring to his adopted son as "one of color." Why couldn't he just have referred to him as "my son." Was it really necessary for this man to explain his son's race? He complained that people stared at them out in public and I can't but wonder if maybe the root of his problem was maybe his own attitude towards his son.

Labeling is everywhere you look, everywhere you turn and everywhere you go.

Facebook is full of labeling. Everything from political to sexual to religious.

Someone is always trying to ram their political beliefs down everyone else's throats.

People use their religious beliefs to tell everyone else how to live their lives and who they can and cannot fall in love with.

Freedom of religion, to many, means that you are free to worship as "they" believe you should, not necessarily how you yourself actually believe.

A group of extremists in a religion create havoc and suddenly everyone associated with that religion is an enemy and is labeled as such.

Not only do we label, but we also tend to do so in a not so flattering manner.

I won't go into a list of these disgusting terms, because I don't want to repeat those words here. It's an ugly list and it spews forth hatred in so many ways.

Sadly, we are all guilty of labeling in one way or another.

I didn't realize just how many people consider themselves experts at figuring out who and what everyone else is and that they should all be judged accordingly.

It won't happen in my lifetime or probably in the next lifetime, but hopefully the day will come when people will no longer think it necessary to "brand" other folks based on race, color, political belief or religious preference.

" may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."- John Lennon