Saturday, May 19, 2007

And You Think You've Got Problems

Wet like a sponge, the idea burst forth and blossomed like a cactus flower. All around, dead silence followed, and nothing could be heard but a small voice uttering, "Pearls before swine, pearls before swine."

Confused but yet not quite blind, those in close proximity fell prostate and uttered a chant known only by the fewest of select Buddhist monks that left the monastery close to three centuries before.

An apparition appeared, but not before the networks cancelled all but the worst of television shows and out of the mass hysteria that this boneheaded idea created came forth yet another useless and totally worthless crowd of tiny capsules headed off for the toilet bowl.

I found myself somewhat confused but yet totally in awe of the understanding of such a cosmic recollection and I was amazed to find that I had no earthly idea at all what the hell all of this nonsense means, but if you read this far, it must have caught your interest, at least partially if not totally and completely raptured.

In more common terms:

What the hell????