Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To achieve that which only the moth
Can accomplish,
To morph out of one body into another
To become one that is new,
Without form
Starting over
Moving ahead.
Healing and mending
Spiraling into a new shell
Without the wear of the old one
Weighting one down.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Day Weekend

Like most of us who work for a living, the promise of a three day weekend has caused this entire work week to drag on forever. Finally, at 4:30 this afternoon, my work week concluded and my glorious three day weekend began.


I've much planned, both in the way of home chores and jobs that seem to never get done (maybe not this weekend, either. We'll see!), cleaning out the garage, putting flowers on the graves of our loved ones and probably a trip to the farm to give our alpacas some shots.

Sunday, however, promises to be the day I'm most looking forward to as I always do. Sunday, for those who live in a cave, is RACE DAY!!!!

Early Sunday morning the Formula One race is broadcast live from Monaco. While not a huge fan of F-1, I will be watching the race because I've become a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton, last years most successful rookie who nearly won the championship.

After that, the greatest spectacle in racing, the Indy 500, is set to run at noon. Since I only live less than an hour's drive from the Speedway, the race will be blacked out here from TV, so I'll be tuning the race in on radio as I have for countless years.

Shortly after the Indy 500, the Coca Cola 600 will be broadcast from Charlotte, NC on television as well.

For innumerable years now, this has become an annual event in our household. My great friend John will be here, as always, and him, my wife and myself will be grilling out, pigging out and listening and watching auto racing, all day long. It's something I never tire of, something I look forward to and it's a day that has it's own special excitement.

We've had a houseful on more than one occasion, we've had a handful on other occasions, and this year, as far as I know, it will just be the three of us, although that could change.

We might sit outside for the Indy race, we might sit in the garage and listen to it, or we might do our cooking out and come back inside, depending on the heat and humidity. Hopefully we can be outside for the two afternoon races since this day seems to set the start of summer here in Indiana.

My wife will begin cooking tomorrow in preparation for the day's activities. She makes a killer potato salad and an equally killer pea salad. My mouth is watering now in anticipation of those two specialty dishes of hers.

We'll be grilling hamburgers, hotdogs and brats Sunday, and John and I will have ice cold beer on hand to make the day even more fun. Something about grilling out and auto racing requires ice cold beer near at hand. Again, my mouth is watering in anticipation.

The Indy 500 has been in my blood since first going to the Speedway in 1963 and I have not missed a race, either being there or watching or listening to it since then. It's hard to imagine ever spending a Memorial Day weekend without the Indy 500.

The Coca Cola 600, Nascar's Sprint Cup longest race has been an annual tradition in our household now for about a dozen years I would imagine.

The Monte Carlo Formula One race is not a part of tradition because I'll be watching that one all alone and with no fanfare or special menu involved. I just like to start my day off with that one race under my belt.

My wife and I will be spending our 33rd Memorial Day together this year and I can think of no one I would rather be spending it with. She makes everyday something special for me.

My friend John and I have been doing so many different things together for so many years now and the annual raceday the Sunday before Memorial Day has been one of those things for so long now, I can't remember exactly when he started getting together with us, but it wouldn't be the same without him here, either.

I feel so very blessed to have them both in my life.

Anyway, I felt compelled to write this short entry about the upcoming weekend and these two very special people. If you got thru all this, wow, you amaze me!!!

If you're still reading, have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend and I hope you have a very special weekend, too, as I know I will.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Millions of Barrels In Reserve Down?????

Right, like, here we are, poised before our first three day weekend of the spring-summer season and all of a sudden there is a shortage of oil in the reserve???

Yeah, and the tooth fairy gives green stamps and Santa Claus paints Easter eggs.

We're supposed to believe this crap once again as the price of gasoline now moves ever closer to the $4 a gallon mark.

Seems like just last month they told us on the news that gasoline would spike around $3.69 a gallon and then go down.

Oh, yeah, that's probably because last month they DID tell us that lie.

Meanwhile, as prices go up on everything imaginable to try and recover ever-escalating fuel prices, the middle class stagnates, the lower class begins starving, the upper class feels a tad of pinch in their budgets, and the fat oil cats and oil stock owning politicians smile all the way to the bank.

I sincerely hope the American public takes this crap we're being fed with them when they go the polls in November and cast their votes accordingly.

That is, if we can all afford to drive to the polls.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Watching Our "Child" Grow

When you have a child, one of the most rewarding things you have is watching that child grow up, mature and blossom out.

Since our son is grown and moved away and with a family of his own, my fatherly instincts became renewed over a year and a half ago when I was asked to serve on the executive board of the Riverside Park Summer Concert Series.

After my first season last year, I felt like I had become a father again and watched as our concert series grew, matured and blossomed in its own way. At the end of the season, even though very tired mentally and physically, because it truly is a lot of work, I felt an emptiness that even our monthly meetings couldn't replace.

As winter passed thru the end of last year and into a new year, we began meeting twice a month and began the planning stages for another set of concerts for this summer. An idea I brought up blossomed and grew into something much bigger than I had anticipated. I took a simple idea about having a community picnic and it has turned into a huge event that takes place today, at long last, announcing the beginning of our series of summer concerts.

To say I'm full of anticipation would be an understatement.

This year, my most wonderful wife of over thirty years has joined me on the executive board which brings us together for even more time to spend as we venture into this new season of concerts. She has brought to our board an excitement much like I felt last year when I first began serving.

We've lost a few members from last year but they have been replaced with some really motivated and special people and working with them this year will be a joy and an honor. When we met together at the park last night and began setting up for today's event, I felt that same spark of joy kindle within me again, and I can't wait to get started.

Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate today and we'll get a great day of weather and a huge turnout for our free hog roast and all the fixin's to go along with it. Kids events, a silent auction, a live bluegrass concert and a dj fill the afternoon with plenty to do for those who attend and for those of us who will be working the event as well.

Yeah, I'm a proud papa as I watch this series kick off again today with this small idea I hatched at a meeting at the first of the year and I can't wait for it to get going today. Speaking of which, I guess I best be getting myself ready to go as we plan on arriving a couple of hours before the celebration starts.

I can't wait to see the thrilled look on my wife's face today as she begins her first season as a proud new mama. I can only hope it is half the thrill I felt last year as I began my new role in life.

And away we go!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

And Now On A Much Cheerier Note

Another short vacation looms ahead of me the remained of this week. I've put up the postal uniform until next week and am now donning my annual Indianapolis Motor Speedway duds and heading up the world's most famous racetrack for a few days of opening week of practice for this year's Indy 500.

This should prove to be a more eventful year this year since the two major open wheel factions have bonded together under one umbrella for the first time in over a decade and the Indy Racing League is now the premier series in the United States. New faces, new names, new teams and most importantly new drivers will take to the track this year adding more cars to the task of filling the field of 33 starters.

The price for practice at the Speedway is very nominal. You can carry in your own food and beverage, saving you more money, and for me, the major expense is what it usually is: GASOLINE! But I won't bitch or moan this year, because when you only live an hour's drive away from the Speedway, you can save back in advance for the expense of driving back and forth.

Mother Nature may rear her ugly head this year, once again. The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday sounds like it might be wet, but Tuesday should be beautiful, as well as Fast Friday, although temps on Friday sound unseasonably cool. That, however, is better reason to partake of warming beverages, and I'm not speaking about coffee, either.

The crowd will be small until Fast Friday arrives, and that makes it even more fun, actually. You can pretty much sit where you want and it's simply a great atmosphere for the most dedicated race fan.

Hopefully this year with the rejoining of Champ Car teams to the Indy Racing League, interest might climb and more butts in the seats might start happening again.

Regardless, I still swear that there is no other thrill greater than the start of the greatest specatacle in racing, The Indianapolis 500.

I just can't believe it's been a year since the last one.