Sunday, March 25, 2007

November 15, 1991

My wife and I have been doing the traditional spring cleaning thing most of us dread doing each year, and while doing so we came across a poem I had written shortly after our son moved out on us and began his journey of thinking he had "escaped" the worst prison on the face of the earth. Funny, how over sixteen years later so much of what I had written back then still holds true to this day, as it has been nearly two years since we last heard from him. I felt it only proper after discovering this piece to include it on this site.

November 15, 1991

For eighteen years he gave me a reason
To get up and face each day,
But now my incentive to life my life full
Has packed up and moved away.

It's not just the fact that he's moved away
That is hurting myself and my wife.
But for some unknown reason we don't understand
We're no longer a part of his life.

Now I know we're not perfect as all parents aren't,
Although I thought we were better than most.
And that special closeness I thought we all shared,
I imagined it all, I suppose.

I mean what do you say to a son that you love,
Probably more than your own life itself?
You can't say "You live here and do as I say,
And damnit, you love us or else!"

I just hope he realizes we'll always be here
And stand behind him thru good times and bad.
Hey, we're not the bad monsters he thinks that we are.
We're just simply his Mom and his Dad.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blue Movement

Empty heart, no tears left
Love has escaped
And left the soul in an effort
To protect itself from the pain.

Exiled from my world
And now my heart
And try as I might
I can feel no remorse.

I have deadened the link
Between us,
The memories now seem like those
Of another
And not part of my own.

I have banished you out of my life
Out of my heart
And out of my soul
And laid it all,
In the hands of the supreme one
That awaits us all at the end
Of this

Trust no longer exists
Emotions are cold and unyielding
As I no longer attempt control
And give the timetable to
God above.

Maybe in time the answer to this prayer
Shall come to pass.

As for now,
You are
No one to me.

This is by your choice.
I have given you what you wanted.

How does it feel?

Approaching April 15th

The tax man cometh
And he taketh
and taketh and taketh
All he can.